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Sisters of the Valley

Spiritual Sister Doll in Formal Gown

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There were four sisters made in this bundle and we are selling each sister separately.

Your purchase includes:

one doll
one stand
one veil
one wimple
one gown
one bib
one pair of shoes
one sage bundle
one jar of salve

*they wear enough clothes, so having underwear is unlikely.

Why purple?

As the enclave grew and it became impossible to make all our uniforms by hand, we found that the color of our order was not so easy to find. Because of the challenges and expense involved in purple fabric and purple uniforms, we gravitated to a more easily available blue. Our original images from 2015 and 2016 show, however, that we were pretty devoted to our purple.

Purple is the color of suffering, purple is the color of devotion and it is also the color you get when you blend the red and blue of our bi-polar political system. That's why it's our color.

We are farming sisters, like many of the Sisters who have gone before us.

We have a magical craft yurt that you may have seen on social media. In there, we make magical Metaphor Doll dioramas and clothes and paraphernalia.

Dolls and clothes sold as shown, each comes with one bundle of sage, and one jar of salve.

Tables and bin or stacks of product shown are not included with the dolls. We have two of them and you can buy one or the pair.

We really can't vouch for the condition of the dolls under the uniforms. They were all purchased second hand, forlorn and abandoned at flea markets, and we clean them up best we can, but their hair is not that important to us because it's always under veil. These women have had hard lives. They might have stretchmarks or scars, they might have markings from some cruel tormenter. Just saying.