• Spiritualism

    Respect Mother Earth and her gifts. As you love and care for her, so will she give back.

  • Service

    Share the Earth’s gifts with her people. Heal your body the safe way, the way nature intended.

  • Activism

    Be free to live the life you choose to live. Be free to choose nature’s medicine to heal your body.

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The Sisters

We are the activist Sisters of The Valley, and we are on a mission to heal the world through plant-based medicine.

Like our Beguine ancestors, we are scholars who work together, pray together, and are dressed to identify our enclave.

Nestled in the impoverished but agriculturally rich Central Valley, our order makes honorable jobs to support our community through organic health products.

All products are hand-made by women; saged to the moon cycles, set on the new moon, and bottled under the full moon.

Our medicine-making is guided by ancient tradition, with care and respect for the Earth’s plants.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sisterhood is to get the most amount of plant-based medicine to the most amount of people around the world, while doing it in a manner that is aligned with our values of compassionate activism, spirituality and service.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between Mother Earth and her suffering people, and open up the world to the healing powers of nature’s gifts.

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Meet the Sisters

  • Sister Sophia

    ister Sophia grew up in a small village nestled on the west coast of South Africa bordering Namibia. At the age of 12 she legally immigrated to the United States and settled with her parents in Michigan. Transition to life in America was difficult for her and the culture of manicured women and men was not what she was used to. A simple lifestyle on a farm with little belongings was what she preferred. She anchored in with the American culture and through some inner focus and lots of work, she eventually adopted this culture as her own. She did that while holding on to the dream that she would one day be back in a small village and living a simple life.

    Sister Sophia has her MBA from the University of Michigan and has extensive business experience. In January of 2017 she began to hear her calling and in May of 2018 took her vows at the Merced farm.

    Today, Sister Sophia, in addition to holding down a full-time job outside the enclave, manages the operations on the Mother-farm and the growing wholesale department.

  • Sister Kate

    After a devastating divorce, Sister Kate was unable to remain in her career as a consultant, because it required so much travel. Along with her brother, they turned to California’s newest deregulating market, the agriculture and service of cannabis for patients in need.

    In the Fall of 2009, she founded a non-profit cannabis collective and opened for business in 2010. She served cannabidiol medicine to local terminal patients, and while she was doing that, developed teas and tinctures so patients could experience the healing effects without needing to smoke it.

    After three years of service, Sister Kate saw the need to share this safe, non-addictive and non-psychoactive formulation of the medicine with more people who needed it. And thus, alongside her goals to help more women and patients, the Sisters of The Valley was born. During the Harvest Moon of 2014, Sister Kate developed their first line of products.

  • Sister Quinn

    When Sister Quinn first discovered the Sisters of the Valley, she heard her calling. Soon, she was attending moon ceremonies and participating in events with the Sisters. It was only a matter of time before her position as a sister was formalized.

    Sister Quinn was born in Canada, but immigrated to the US at age 10, relocating from Vancouver, Canada, to the west coast of California, where she later studied Economics at the University of California, Merced.

    When she started working for Sister Kate, she helped manage the finances of the farm and the growing enclave. Today, she works full time as the User Experience Specialist for UC Merced and part-time for the Sisters on special projects. She has worked locally and in Silicon Valley in various marketing and technology roles.

  • Sister Kass

    Sister Kass is the first of the millennials to join the mission. Born and raised in Merced County, she studied at Brookline College and received her diploma in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. She took her vows at the age of 24, and though there are now other sisters who are to take their vows at the same age,

    Sister Kass did it when she was the lone youngster among a group of crones.
    Sister Kass has been with the Sisterhood the longest. And though she may be the youngest Sister by age, she is the eldest Sister by experience. Before joining the Sisterhood, Sister Kass was already growing and making cannabis medicines with Brother Rudy.

    Today, she uses these experiences to manage and oversee all of customer service and shipping, working closely with the women who make the medicines. Sister Kass has two lovely daughters at her side, and they are as comfortable in the abbey as they are in their own home.


Sister Luna is one of two of our first sisters of Mexico and the co-founder of Sisters of the Valley Mexico. She was born and raised in Puebla. In 2018 she moved to Ensenada to start and operate a small online store, while studying for her masters.

She has a BA in Biology and a Masters in Biomedicine. Her research has focused on cancer and the development of cancer vaccines. Luna has worked in hospitals with transplant patients. She worked for several years developing environmental, social, and urban impact studies for the private sector. Her research goal right now is to be able to focus on treatments with Cannabis, and the whole of all cannabinoids found in the pant. As a woman of science. she recognizes the limitations within the field of science as there are still too many stigmas and stereotypes against the hemp plant. The lack of research and scientific recognition of Cannabis is something that has motivated her to be a spokesperson and activist who defends the properties and medicinal use.


Sister Camilla is one of two of our first sisters of Mexico and the co-founder of Sisters of the Valley Mexico. She was born in Puebla. She has an associate’s degree on Business Administration, a BA in International Business and a master’s in economics. Her research has focused on knowledge transfer from research centers to industry and university entrepreneurship. She has collaborated developing urban and social impact studies. For the sisterhood she does business consulting, import / export, business administration, logistics and planning. Her academic background and experience are tools she uses to be a cannabis activist and advocate for the plant. She hopes to focus her research and work on the recognition, uses and properties of the plant in Mexican society and the whole of the Spanish-speaking world.