The Sisterhood

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We are Beguine revivalists, and prefer the title ‘Sisters’ or ‘Sisterhood’. However, by dictionary definition, we are, in fact, nuns. We live together (as in – the planet is our home), work together, pray together, and take life-time vows.

Not at all. We respect their devotion and their excellence in healing and in teaching. But the Catholic nuns are going extinct in this country and we have created a new age order of Sisters whose dress is not like nuns, necessarily, but rather more like our pre-Christian Beguine mothers, as we (like them) believe in women holding private property. We seek to empower our Sisters through property ownership and business ownership.

We are a newly formed, spiritual and intentional community. When we looked for land to settle upon, we looked for land that had never had blood spilled there. When we looked for our Spiritual beliefs, we looked back to our pre-Christian, ancient Beguine mothers, where there was also no blood spilt in the name of religious fervor. We respect Christianity, as we respect all Spiritual beliefs of others, but only under the condition where they do not claim to be the one and only valid belief system.
Christianity has done much to disempower women and people of color. Christianity grew through slaughter and seizure of lands and wealth. We do believe in the goodness of the Jesus Energy, but we do not align with all Christian beliefs. For example, we believe that the real holy trinity is Creator Goddess (or Creator God), the People, and Mother Earth.
We recognize a direct connection from the Bible and Christianity disempowering women as spiritual leaders, the Bible and Christianity disrespecting the planet, and the ultimate degradation of plant-based medicine, plant-based diets, and the poverty of women as one big connected set of mis-steps.

We are a new-age group of activist sisters, patterned after our Beguine and Native American ancestors.

The Beguines were a medieval order of women who organized the first nurses and at one point in history, had operations in every major castle across Europe.

In order to be a religion, according to government regulation, one must be in the business of selling words only. In other words, a religion is defined to collect money by selling words. We have more to offer our people than words, so no, we are not a religion. We are not interested in spreading our spiritual beliefs. We are only interested in helping people heal themselves, and helping women realize economic independence, from which the whole society benefits. We believe that women are natural leaders, natural business women, we believe in the healing powers of plant-based diets and plant-based medicine and neither of these concepts are supported by current Christian leaders in the pulpit.

We do believe that the Universe was created by God, but we do not believe he sits on a throne in the heavens managing, interfering, or ignoring the people of the planet. God is manifest and alive in each of us. We are one with him/her.

Sister Kate grew her first crop (alone, for this business) and made her first batch of products in 2014. The business officially began selling products in January of 2015; the second sister came to the enclave nine months later.

The Sisters of the Valley is a newly born, new-age group of Sisters whose fundamental mission is to get plant-based medicine into the hands of those in need — and to do that in a responsible and sustainable manner. The mission is supported by their founding principles, which are to honor Mother Earth and her intelligent plant, provide a valuable product to the people, empower other women to succeed and participate in peaceful progressive activism.

Approximately 30 worldwide by mid 2020.

That we have THC weed to sell (we don’t).

The Nigeria Today press wrote “Nuns sell pot on streets and deny Christ”. That’s craziness. We neither embrace nor deny Christ. We prefer to work with the very real and very physical needs of our suffering people and our victimized planet, and refuse to argue about invisible Gods or invisible babies.

That our holy trinity is the cannabis plant. How can one thing be a trinity? Our holy trinity is spirituality, activism, and service. THE holy trinity is Goddess (God), Man (Woman) and Earth.

Safe and fair banking.

Local hemp ban.

Women who think they have a calling, but lack the courage or conviction to put energy into trouble resolution.

People conflating conflict with abuse. (Conflict is not abuse.)

Through making honorable, spiritual jobs for the women. Through wholesale growth.

By connecting women and men with the same calling, for natural healing, for empowering people to heal themselves.

Through the same process that will help us get our products on store shelves, through making an agent program and path for Sisters to become Sisters, for Brothers to become Brothers.

The Sisterhood was born of the Occupy movement. In the fall of 2011, when congress declared pizza a vegetable, Sister Kate declared herself a nun and as a sole, anarchist, activist Sister, she began her activism. Out with the people, Sister Kate was greeted by many who wanted her to formalize her order, many who wanted to join her. For the next three years, there was much debate about how to formalize a religion based on service, activism and spirituality.

Safe and fair banking.

Local hemp ban.

Women who think they have a calling, but lack the courage or conviction to put energy into trouble resolution.

People conflating conflict with abuse. (Conflict is not abuse.)

(1) Service (or devotion) to the people through the work we do
(2) Obedience (to the cycles of the moon)
(3) Living Simply
(4) Activism
(5) Chastity
(6) Ecology
Acronym: SOLACE

(1) Both the Beguines and the Indigenous Tribes of California practiced rites to attune themselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters.
(2) Beguines and the ancestors of this soil recognized that our human intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment and seek to live in harmony with nature.
(3) Both the Beguines and the Native American ancestors acknowledged a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person — a Creator and a connectedness between the people themselves, the Creator, and the planet.
The Indigenous tribes call that “Great Spirit” or “Godfather”. Both Beguines and Native Americans believe: The hurt of one is the hurt of all, the honor of one is the honor of all.
(4) Both ancestral peoples recognized both the outer world and the inner, the Spiritual World and the physical world and see in the interaction of these two dimensions the basis for paranormal phenomena and magical exercises.
(5) Both ancestral peoples seek to control the forces within her/himself that make life possible in order to live wisely and without harm to others and in harmony with nature.
(6) Both sets of ancestors are concerned with the past, the present, and the future. Both cultures revere the ancestors that have gone before them and both tread gently upon Mother Earth, in reverence for the generations to come.
(7) Both ancestral groups eschew (denounce / abhor) those who seek power through the suffering of others. Beguines and Native Americans do not accept that personal benefit can be derived only by denial to another. They do not believe in Satan.
(8) Both the Beguines and the indigenous tribes believed in treating people and their Spiritual Beliefs with respect. The only animosity held by Beguines towards Christianity, or towards any other religion or philosophy of life, is to the extent that its institutions have claimed to be ‘the only way’ and have sought to deny freedom to others and to suppress other ways of religious practice and belief.

Short Summary for Memorization:

1. Organize lives by moon cycles
2. Live in Harmony with Nature
3. Belief in Creator God / Goddess
4. Belief in a hidden, spiritual world
5. Seek to control the dark forces within ourselves
6. Concerned with the past, present and future
7. Denounce those who seek power through the suffering of others
8. Treat all spiritual beliefs, all customs, with respect (except for those who victimize the people) Sister Kate studied the top ten or twelve beliefs of our pre-Christian Beguine mothers from the middle-ages and the top ten or twelve beliefs of the Native Americans of the central valley (the people of the soil) and where those overlapped, those were adopted as our beliefs.

Head down – no eye contact, means ‘don’t talk to me, I’m thinking’

Full moon ceremonies for the tribe.

New moon ceremonies for the Sisters.

Working in silence so that our ancestors gather near and we can hear their advice.

Making all work sacred - blessing of the hands; blessing of the medicines, blessing of the packages, food, children . . . .

Money trees for children’s birthdays.

Welcoming the children to the tribe, as adults, at the age of 13.

Having the children present, with parents, during the work day

Making paid chores for the children of all ages

Young Sisters take their vows three times, under three full moons

Elders joining take their vows once, under a full moon

The men do the growing, the women make the medicine and tend the patients, both groups work together at harvest season.

Gender role assignments are not strict and can be by-passed by the Elders, on an exception basis, when the need is recognized (a man wants to work with the women, or a woman wants to work with the men)

(1) Never work in a messy environment. ABC’s – always be cleaning / clean before, during, and after working . . . cleanliness is first and foremost in a holy, medicine-making space.
(2) No contempt – signs of contempt, interrupting, talking over, rolling eyes, sighing, not allowed.
(3) No selling – ever. We are a healing tribe, people come to us for advice and for the medicines we make. We do not sell. We serve.
(4) Always put medicine on a problem, never pour fuel. We pride ourselves in being good at conflict resolution.
(5) Zero tolerance for alcohol and drug abuse anywhere near the work-place.
(6) Unfinished projects are an act of tyranny against the order (kinda)

(1) To have ‘weed nuns’ in every town and province across the globe within two decades
(2) To strengthen our spiritual practices and customs with every turn of season
(3) To get the impoverished central valley growing and supplying our CBD
(4) To get our products made locally in each country, as we believe cannabis is like honey, local is best.
(5) To have a travel budget so we can travel freely around the planet making jobs and growing the order.
(6) To make all the Sisters good business-women and property owners.

A typical day really depends on the person. And even then, we have children around and customers to respond to, so we don’t always have control and we are often responding to the needs of others.

We have a typical week – generally, one day we have visitors who are people needing information for their illnesses, one day we might have media, one day a week we have a staff meeting, but otherwise, we all have our own responsibilities and jobs to do.

In August of 2012, Sister Kate had a profound experience, spending five days and four nights on Tule River reservation with 600 Native Americans from 60 west coast tribes, who came from as far away as Canada and Mexico. There, on the mountain top, Sister Kate was introduced to their ancient practices, and she developed a strong bond with David the Elder, from the Yaqi tribe. Much of the inspiration for the Sisterhood came from that mountaintop trip.

The Sisters are seeking to make their medicine-making work-spaces quiet, like an abbey, like a monastery. Sister Kate believes the medicine responds to a sacred environment and that the products themselves become better at healing through being born in a quiet, respectful environment. There is much work to be done, always, as there is no shortage of suffering people on the planet. The operations strive for excellence. Needless and interruptive chatter interferes with the sanctity of the place. Saying hello to the same people five times a day, adds nothing to efficiency or sanctity.

Our Beguine fore-mothers were known for their excellence, and we don’t believe that this image could have been born without an emphasis on cleanliness. We don’t believe one can reach excellence in anything they do, without having a clean and orderly life.

Christianity owns our written history. The first printing press was developed by a fervent Catholic and the first book printed was the Bible. Thus, the history of our ancient Beguine mothers has been buried at the hands of Christian men who wished to suppress all signs of former Spiritual leadership by the women. We are interested in that history which is hidden to us. We have to feel it. We have to ‘divine’ it. We have to re-invent it. We have to re-discover it.
Because our Beguine mothers would not affiliate themselves with a single organized religion, but rather, offered their services to people of all beliefs, we believe that under no circumstances would they have required someone to believe their way, at gunpoint, sword point or with any harm, coercion or force. Thus, when we reached for our farmland, we reached for a space that had no harm done there. When we reached back for our spiritual practices, it is the same. We had to reach back to pre-Christian times.


Purple is the color of suffering.

Purple is the color of the Occupy Movement.

Purple is the color you get when you blend together the red and blue of a bi-polar political system.

We wear the uniforms to show respect to a plant that has been disrespected for a hundred years.

We wear the uniform as regalia, to announce our presence, our enclave, wherever we go.

We wear them as a meditation of getting in touch with our sacred ancestors, whom we wish to make proud of us.

We wear them in solidarity with Muslim women, who are now the only women on the planet dressing like our ancient mothers (which makes them a target of persecution)

We believe that our ancient mothers organized the work by gender. Men’s work and women’s work. We also believe it is up to the Elders to pay attention to their people and if a man truly desires working with the medicines, the exceptions are made. Or if a woman truly desires working with the men, those exceptions are made – to accommodate the fact that not everyone identifies with the gender they are born to.

We are a women empowerment organization and believe that allowing the women to choose their men is an act of empowerment. The Brothers are present (or not) at the will of the Sisters.

We do not believe that our ancient mothers would ever allow their medicines to be carelessly treated.

Because we believe our ancient mothers did it this way.

Because it is part of our core belief system to organize our lives by the cycles of the moon.

“Goddess Mother, bless these packages, protect them. Get them into the hands of the suffering person who asked for them. Make them travel unharmed and unimpeded to their destination. Put a blanket of protection over them, Mother Goddess, and continue to protect us in our work.”

We believe that we have been called to this work and that the Universe responds to our prayers and meditations.

(1)Growth, a world-wide organization of healers. (2)Economic independence for the women. (3)Political involvement for the women. (4)A new generation of children who embrace activism and understand local, national, and international politics.

New moons are for the women. Full moons are for the tribe.

For the first time since the 800’s and widespread Christianity, for the first time in over 1,200 years, we have a whole generation of unindoctrinated children.

Many of the millennials parents rejected contemporary religions and these children have had no indoctrination, no dogma shoved at them but the flip side of that is that many don’t know how to build spiritual rituals for themselves.

They are ripe, hungry for spirituality, and eager to reach into their genetic ancestry for knowledge that is in their blood, that which is instinctive, that which has been passed down by their ancestors.

We believe our ancient mothers would hand-deliver the medicine, or send it with a trusted tribe member. We believe the medicine would never travel alone. Thus, if someone buys one item, we send something else along as a representative protective companion.

We are ‘one planet, one people’ people.

Nationalism promotes war.

Allegiance to a flag or nation, over allegiance to the planet and the people of the planet – is a sin.

We do not care to engage in a subject over invisible beings that cannot be proved one way or another. We care only that women are respected. By arguing for vagina laws, we see it as taking a position against women. We honor our sisters and their choices in regard to their own bodies. We honor their choices for timing and quantity. We trust our sisters to make decisions for themselves.

We know that where women are safe, empowered, and heard, they choose to have two children, zero population growth, look at Sweden. The answer isn’t in regulating their vaginas, the answer is in respecting them, giving them their voice, giving them empowerment, giving them education, choices and financial security.

He may turn out to be an angel of God. A Dark angel, no doubt, but he might have a sacred mission. It is the age of authenticity and he is authentically and loudly showing the public every single form of corruption that has been already happening behind closed doors, and perhaps in smaller ways, or smaller doses — he is just doing it very, very publicly.

He is here to torch America, so we can look forward to rebuilding it without the Federal Reserve, without corporate lobbyist influence, without the Patriot Act, without ‘Corporations are People’, without the banksters having unfair control of the wealth. Trump is here to break it all, so we can get on with rebuilding.

Our Products

We sell our products based on total CBD potency:

500 mg in a 2-ounce bottle (regular)

1000 mg in a 2-ounce bottle (double-strength)

500 to 1000 mg in an 8 ounce jar of topical salve

30 mg of CBD in a gelcap (pure plant oil)

To calculate the percentage of CBD in any given product, you must divide the milligrams of CBD in that jar or bottle by total milligrams of oil or liquid in that bottle or jar. There are 59 grams in a 2-ounce bottle of oil, for example. And there are 114.5 grams of total oil in a 4-ounce jar of salve. The test results show both potency in mg and percentages. Most products have two to three percent THC.

The Gel Caps (gelcaps) are the only pure plant oil product the Sisters’ sell.

The tincture and the infused-oil are both ways of getting the CBD into the system through drops on or under the tongue. The tincture is made from low-THC, high-CBD cannabis plant (non-industrial hemp) and 150 proof food grade alcohol. The CBD-infused oil is made with liquid coconut oil and low-THC, high CBD cannabis plant. People chose one or another, generally.

People prefer the lack of flavor or taste in the infused oil drops (every bottle comes with a dropper), because the tincture tastes harsh. The alcohol tincture is reported to be faster acting than the oil. Both product work to carry CBD into the system, orally.

Every person is different, every health condition is different, and we are neither doctors nor scientists and by law cannot prescribe a regime. However, we advise folks to talk to their doctor, herbalist or do some research for themselves (first) to determine how many mg of CBD a day they intend to take.

If it is 10 mg a day, the answer to dosage is different than if it is 50 mg a day. Once you know how many milligrams a day you want to ingest, take the total mg of the bottle of oil (either 250 or 500 or 1000) and divide by the mg a day you wish to get.

If you are using double strength (1000 mg of CBD), then 10 mg a day will last 100 days). If you have a one ounce bottle of regular strength, then 250 mg divided by 10 mg a day is a 25-day supply.

If you are taking 50 mg a day, then the double-strength bottle lasts 20 days (20 x 50 = 1000 mg), and if you are taking 50 mg a day, but have the 1 ounce bottle of regular strength, that will last only five days.

It is easy to calculate, once you decide how much CBD (in milligrams) you wish to consume. Then listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Regardless of the holistic path, we encourage everyone to see their doctors regularly. The doctors have the good diagnostic tools.

Fully fifty percent of our sales are from the topical salve. The CBD-infused oil is our second best-selling product, and the CBD tincture comes in third.
Also, we often run limited time discounts advertised to our email subscribers. Subscribe to our newsletter to know more.

The 1,000 mg CBD double-strength oil.

The 1,000 mg CBD topical salve.

We are restricted by the FDA from making any beneficial claims about our products. We can, however, report that we have been in business since 2015 and have over ten thousand happy, repeat customers. Trustpilot collects our testimonials as a third-party outside service. Information on each product is available where you buy them in our store.

No, not now, although we are proponents for whole plant medicine, and for whole plant freedom.

Palo Santo is known to be a mystical tree and, in Spanish, the name means ‘holy wood’. Much like the Sisters’ white sage / holy sage bundles, it is used to clear the energies and calm the home or work-space. The tree is part of the citrus family and has a sweet aroma when burned. The tree’s scientific name is ‘Bursera graveolens’. It is wild and native to the lands from Mexico to the Ucatan Peninsula from Peru to Venezuela, from the Gran Chaco region. It is also found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hundoras, Columbia, Ecuador and on the Galapagos Islands.

The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh.

Palo santo may be burned, similar to incense, by lighting shavings of palo santo wood. In Peru, a shaman, or medicine man, reportedly lights palo santo sticks and the rising smoke will enter the ‘energy field’ of ritual participants to ‘clear misfortune, negative thought-prints, and evil spirits’. Peruvians harvest fallen branches and twigs of the B. graveolens tree, a practice that is regulated by the government of Peru, so trees are not cut for wood harvesting.

The charcoal of palo santo sticks can also be used for ritual smudging. Palo Santo can also be simmered in hot water and drank as a tea.

The aroma-therapeutic effects of the Clary sage make it a practical replacement for burning incense and smudgesticks. Uses include meditation spray, aura cleansing spray, relaxation spray, body spray (nature’s perfume), and in place of burning incense to cleanse the energies of the home or workplace. Clary Sage Spray is a simple and effective tool for cleansing and purifying the atmosphere.

100% moon water infused with Clary sage.

Water that has been blessed on a full moon, and prayed over again the morning after.

The sisters order our white sage from Pacific Botanicals in Oregon and the Shaman’s Market in Troy, Michigan. We make the bundles within a prayerful environment. We use these to sage before, during, and after moon cycle rituals, as well as when we make our products, when we turn the tinctures, when we bottle and label. From the beginning of recorded man, nearly all cultures have used sage to burn to cleanse and clear the energies. Until now, we have only made the bundles for our own use, but folks have been requesting them and so we are making them, now, for our customers, as well.

It is against FDA regulations. Only licensed pharmaceutical companies and licensed doctors can make healing claims.

Yes, figure dosage by figuring out your own human dosage, and whatever % of weight your pet is, use that percent dose for him or her.

Our cannabis products cause no interaction with pharmaceutical regimes. However, with Skullcap tincture (non-cannabis) there can be dangerous interactions and we advise checking with your physician before taking, if a person is taking pharmaceuticals of any kind.

We are not doctors and are not allowed to give medical advice. As students of CBD, we know that the people who have successfully used CBD to reverse cancer, take it in many forms or very high dosages. We have specifically stocked our pure plant oil for people with serious illnesses, such as cancer, at the request of our buying public and following. We hear that doctors and herbalist will recommend anywhere from 50 mg a day of CBD to as much as 2 full grams. There is much, yet, to be studied, and much yet, to be revealed. Everyone is guessing, at this point. It is highly experimental. For colon cancer, if someone here were suffering from that, we would put them on CBD in suppository form. We insist that patients with cancer continue to see their regular doctors and encourage consulting with them before taking CBD.

You do not need a cannabis card, nor a medical marijuana authorization by your doctor, or any doctor, to buy or use our products, because none of our products contain THC. Our products are considered to be hemp oil based, because the plant we use is less than .3% THC.

All our batches are lab tested to ensure that the end product is under .3% THC. We ship around the world and this is the standard. It takes ten times that amount -- 3% to 4% THC -- to register on any kind of measurement device, and the presence of THC in our products is considered to be ‘trace amounts’ by all lab tests.

Perhaps if taken in large amounts, but it is not a sleeping agent.

Yes. We buy organic ingredients and we grow without pesticides on clean land. Products that are brought in by other vendors are also tested at least annually for the full range of pesticides that could possibly taint. All new vendors are put through stringent testing and all vendors are tested once a year for the full boat of tests available.

On the website along with the product descriptions.

Yes. Please send us an email with your special needs to: support@sistersofcbd.com

We do not operate a brick and mortar store. The only way you can get our products is through our online store: www.sistersofthevalley.org but we are beginning to have more locations.

It is medical cannabis with the THC bred to be only present in trace amounts, so yes, it qualifies as hemp, but it is not industrial hemp. We grow and make our products from medicinal hemp plants.

SotV Operations

If you are interested to know more about how we accept new brothers and sisters into our fold, please read more about it here.

If you are prepared to join us in our Service, Activism, and Spirituality, then please let us know your interest via this outreach form.

We ship to every town, province, and country in the world. Every batch is tested to ensure that the THC content is less than .3%, the international standard for being non-psychoactive and therefore, considered ‘hemp’. We do not make our products from industrial hemp. We use the term ‘hemp’ because that is what this medical cannabis has been classified as by the United Nations and countries outside the UN, due to the non-psychoactive nature of the plant.

Go to the Wholesale Section and fill out an application, if you haven’t already. Once your application gets approved, you can purchase products in bulk with the discounted prices and resell them to your customers.

Yes. We test each batch to ensure potency; once a year we do full spectrum testing and testing for pesticides to ensure our vendors provide organic ingredients. All test results are public at www.sclabs.com(sisters of the valley)

We are working to get relationships in every country so that this doesn't happen, so that our products don't have to clear customs, but are made on your soil. For now, we must ship, and if it does happen that customs takes your package, we advise people to let customs keep it, just notify us at support@sistersofcbd.com and we will re-ship or refund in full. Your choice. (Note, we never get a package snagged twice. It always goes through on the second time.)

Please email support@sistersofcbd.com and we’ll send you an answer and add it to this list.