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Sisters of the Valley

Mettieville Comic Book

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A comic book about Mettieville







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Mettieville is a place where recycled barbie dolls become weed-nuns and live happily ever after.






9” x 7” x ¼”

Who Are the Metties?

The Metties received their name as a shortened version of “metaphor Dolls”. They are a sad metaphor for throw-away people, a shame to our society.  But they are also a metaphor for hope and renewal and fresh starts and happy endings.  With fierce determination, the Metties, once living glamorous lives, then tossed onto the flea market pile, naked and forlorn, find themselves with a purpose driven, honorable life, once again.  The clothes are different, of course, but all those skimpy fancy clothes got them no-where anyway, so good riddance. 

The Metties, in their new lives as Sisters, are re-born in purpose and togetherness.  The Metties draw strength from the Betties of World War II. 

What is Mettieville?

Mettieville is a happy and harmonious place where the Sisters live together, work together, pray together and make jobs for themselves and others.  In Mettieville, everyone has healthy food, clean water, and clean clothes. 

In Mettieville, each Sisters gets to design the work they are best suited for and each sisters has the right to be paid for her contributions.  When the women of World War II went to the factories to take the jobs of the men at war, they were called ‘Betties’.  That was a catalytic time in the history of women and a time when a great step towards independence was made.  The Metties are inspired by the Betties and all women who have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to carry on, oftentimes under ungodly conditions.

Mettieville is specifically located in a yurt on the compound of the Sisters of the Valley in Merced County, California.

Mettieville, the residents and the houses, have the following features:

  1.  Made from secondhand items and all the dolls were rescued from flea markets
  2. There is no pink.  Ok, there might be some pink hair, but we don’t care, because they wear a veil all the time.
  3. There are no promiscuous clothes, no party clothes.
  4. On the walls, there are images of our ancient mothers and images of our favorite politicians and leaders
  5. All of the house sets come with a miniature Mettieville-made salve and a miniature Mettieville-made tin of mushroom coffee.
  6. All the windows look out upon our actual farm.

Like the real Sisters, the Metties have had rough lives.  They carry scars and imperfections.  Their new lives, however, give them the time and space to heal.

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