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Sisters of the Valley

Medicine-Maker's Patch: Finance

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If you run a farming business or a medicine-making business, or any kind of business, someone must deal with the finance chores. Those who do it well for two years, earn this badge.

What it means in practical terms, is that the transactions are updated weekly, the statements balanced monthly, the reports released quarterly, and that there are never any surprises. (The Sisters' primary rule of living in harmony is 'no surprises'.) Finance surprises are never fun, so doing this well is important to the harmony of the Sisterhood.

In the enclave of the Sisters of the Valley, hard work is recognized through a series of patches that were designed and custom-made for the Sisters. In an effort to share our culture (and to survive tough economic times), we are sharing our patches with the public. This particular patch is the badge earned when a Sister or Brother puts in over two years of dedicated work in the arena of Finance and bill-paying and purchasing and book-balancing and all that jazz.