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Sisters of the Valley

Coffee Soap Infused with CBD

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CBD-infused Coffee Soap

This plant-based handmade soap cleanses while nurturing your skin.


Contains approximately 4 mg of CBD per bar of soap.

What the Sisters of The Valley CBD-infused Coffee Soap is made of

The Sisters of the Valley handmade natural soap is made with coffee grounds and infused with hemp-based CBD. 

How the Sisters of The Valley CBD-infused coffee soaps are made

Each bar is made by the loving hands of Sister Kassidy. They are prepared in a spiritual environment, following the moon cycles, with prayers for the people sewn into every product. 

Product formulation

This CBD infused coffee soap contains the following ingredients:

  • coffee grounds  (making it an excellent natural exfoliant)

  • CBD-infused oil (made by Sisters of the Valley, regular strength)

  • witch hazel

  • coconut oil

  • kosher vegetable oil

  • distilled water

  • sodium hydroxide

  • sorbitol

  • propylene glycol

  • sorbitan oleate

  • oat protein

  • titanium dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque soaps)