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Sisters of the Valley

12" Doll Nun's Habit (1:6 scale)

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This is a unique doll uniform, replicating the uniform of the Sisters of the Valley.

The uniform fits all 'barbie-size' dolls and includes the following:

a. white full length dress that has velcro in front and a belt
b. a blue apron that ties
c. a white veil that snaps behind the neck

Dolls and other accessories not included.

The Sisters call their collection of dolls and accessories, the Metaphor dolls. We call them 'Metties' because they are a metaphor for throw-away women. We buy them from flea markets, naked and forlorn, and clean them up and give them clean air, clean water, housing security and choice-filled, purpose-driven lives. (Ok, the black metties we have to buy, because we only find white chicks at flea markets).

By buying our dolls, you are supporting the Sisters' healing arts. For more about the sisters, you can check out our FAQ's and blog articles and media history on